Sports Massage

Sports Massage combines classic & specific techniques designed to provide therapeutic impact for the unique physical & biomechanical needs of athletes. With a knowledge of Kinesiology for the athletes sport  the Massage Therapist can help improve the performance of their client & limit their injuries.

* Improves circulation & mobility to injured tissue thus maintaining an optimal state of nutrition, relaxation & flexibility within the soft tissue

*Enables the athlete to recover quicker from myofascial injury with less likelihood of chronic problems developing.

*Reduces muscle soreness & chronic strain patterns thus allowing a quicker return to maximum training levels particularly during high intensity training periods.

*Provides a psychological boost to the athlete consistent with their commitment to peak performance

*Enhances a preventative approach to athletic training—what ever the sport—where by soft tissue is freed of trigger points & adhesion’s thus contributing to the improvement of peak neuromuscular functioning.

In 1995 Mary tested onto the National Sports Massage Team & following that joined the John Hancock Boston Marathon Sports Massage Team. Belonging to both teams has given Mary the opportunity to work on world class athletes working with them right up to & on the day of such events as the Boston Marathon & Olympic Marathon Trials. Mary has been coordinator of the sports massage team for the elite athletes at the Boston Marathon since 2011.

Email Mary to incorporate sports massage in your training & reach your goals . [email protected]

Whether it is recovering from a track workout, your long run or helping you through the tri season of many days of dual workouts Sports Massage can help in recovery & ultimately help you achieve those goals of time or distance or both.