Massage in the Workplace

On site Massage –also known as Chair Massage is administered while the client is fully clothed & seated in a specially designed chair. These chairs slope forward allowing  the therapist access to the larger muscles of the back, neck & shoulders. On site Massage usually lasts between 15 & 30 minutes & is intended to relax  the muscles, release tension & improve circulation.

Workplace stress results in lower productivity, increased absenteeism & job related accidents. Realizing that preventative measures are needed in today’s environment of skyrocketing health care costs business corporations are investing heavily in wellness programs for the workplace. Many companies are finding that on site chair massage can be an important part of a successful wellness program.

Massage in the workplace has been proven to reduce work-related stress, improve alertness, performance & productivity. As a result the positive effect of Massage in the workplace reaches everyone. Crain’s Chicago Business states businesses with as few as 14 staff members, as well as large corporations like Motorola and Amoco, are now hiring massage therapists to perform massage in the workplace. The article adds that on-site massage is cheaper than vacation and child care benefits, and more than a low-cost office perk. It goes on to say that on-site massage reduces work-related stress, improves alertness, performance and productivity, and even keeps people feeling well enough to stay at work when they would rather go home.

Tim Telman, President and CEO, Bank of Cape Cod – “A successful business relies on it’s best asset – people. Since we understand how important our people are, we make sure and take care of our employees. One way we do this is by bringing Mary in to do on-site chair massages once per quarter. After a chair massage, our employees feel relaxed, recharged  refocused. We have found it is well worth the reasonable investment & really lets our people know that we care about their well-being

HRMagazine recently published a story about massage that describes various corporate wellness programs, all of which include on-site massage as an employee benefit. Some of these programs are new; some have been in place for years. All are successful. Employees are feeling less stress, are more productive on the job and are less likely to take unplanned time off from work.

The positive effect of massage in the workplace reaches everyone. Association Management Magazine reports that The International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans of Brookfield, WI conducted research on this subject and found that nearly 20% or employers now provide coverage for one or more alternative health benefits such as massage therapy.

From magazines to television to the Internet, media of all kinds are spreading the word about massage. Many employers are getting the message and implementing wellness programs that include on-site massage.

Why On Site Massage ? It is convenient. Your therapist comes to you with their Massage chair It involves no tables, sheets or oils & the massage takes place directly through your clothing. It will not disrupt your workday as it is usually the length of a coffee break. It is an affordable wellness program to offer your employees.

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